Porn Blocking Filter For Your Mobile Devices

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Disables Porn Search

Forbid search engines to display results related with keyword ’Porn’.


Block Porn Websites

Inhibit porn websites or image links from opening on your browser.


Hides Explicit Images

Prevent webpages from showing pornographic images in content or ads.

Start browsing the web without regret!

Start Browsing Without Regrets

Inappropriate images or links of porn videos appearing on webpages can be embarrassing at times. Porn Blocker ensures that
no explicit and unsuitable content appears when surfing the internet, especially if you have a minor round you.


Porn addiction can be extremely bad for productivity and being a freelancer, I realized that a little late. Porn blocker helped me pay more attention to work by preventing access to porn while I work. Great product!

Dewart AmbroseFort Worth, USA


My son always fiddles around with my phone and has accidently accessed porn before. But Porn blocker has totally put all such worries to rest. Now he can do whatever he wants with my phone, free from explicit content.

Nayland ColumCincinnati, USA


Browse Internet Without Being Embarassed

Make internet free from content such as pornographic images and links that are embarrassing,
with Porn Blocker App for smartphones.

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